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Department of Science and Humanities

The Department of Science and Humanities serves as a pivot for the disciplines of English, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. The department has been accomplished with excellent infrastructure of modern lab facilities to enrich the learning process among students. Having intertwined the void in between the school and college, the department holds a vital role in organizing Bridge Course aiming at the integrated enrichment among students.

  • Physics and Chemistry Laboratory
  • Bio Chemistry Laboratory
  • Problem Solving and Python Programming Laboratory
  • Engineering Practices Laboratory
  • English Communication (Interpersonal Skills/Listening & Speaking) Laboratory Name of the Staff Designation
1 Mrs. P. Senbagam Assistant Professor
2Mrs. N. Elakkia Assistant Professor
3Mrs. N. SindhuAssistant Professor
4Mrs. N. Elakkia Assistant Professor
5Mr. S. RajaAssistant Professor

Mr.K.Arulkumar (Hod)

Department of Civil Engineering,

Sri Ramakrishna Engineering college,