Sri Ramakrishna College of Engineering uproots ignorance and empowering technical knowledge, receptiveness and efficiency to would the students persons exhilaratingly. The enthusiastic practice given by the faculty members helps the students to cultivate strong and diverse pipeline of talent. The experienced and dedicated faculty’s well equipped excellent placements provide students to establish themselves to the needs of the industry and make them employable. Ample opportunities for learning outside the classroom are created through projects, seminars, symposium, industrial visits, workshops and cultural programs to keep students abreast with the expert views. The achievement of our college so far is definitely commendable. The world as we know is in the verge of an unprecedented transformation from a fragmental society to an integrated global environment. Irrespective of the economically global born on recession, engineering profession is flourishing with immense scope for revolution through innovation. We are string in the present scenario to harness the knowledge of science and technology for the welfare of the society. We know that quality education is the passport to its steep rise in life and it creates a platform for practical avenges. The students pursue their creative interests to attain financial gains to lead a life of dignity & prosperity which is meticulously given to heave close linkage with industries & companies. We are highly conscious of updating upgrading the existing standards to offer value based education and to charm out socially responsible human begins. I urge everyone to advance in their career to become the mores of technology with the knowledge assimilated to exceed in all prospective.