A Career Guidance Cell (CGC) is a dedicated unit within an educational institution or organization that provides guidance, support, and resources to individuals in making informed decisions about their career paths and professional development. The primary objectives and functions of a Career Guidance Cell typically include

  • **Career Counseling:** The CGC offers one-on-one counseling sessions to students and sometimes alumni, assisting them in exploring their interests, skills, strengths, and aspirations to make well-informed career choices.
  • **Information and Resources:** It provides access to comprehensive information and resources related to various career options, educational pathways, job market trends, internships, and employment opportunities.
  • **Skill Assessment and Development:** The CGC may conduct assessments to evaluate individuals' aptitudes, personality traits, and career interests, helping them identify areas for skill development and enhancement.
  • **Resume Building and Interview Preparation:** It offers guidance and assistance in crafting effective resumes, cover letters, and portfolios, as well as conducting mock interviews to prepare individuals for job interviews and recruitment processes.
  • **Networking and Industry Connections:** The CGC facilitates networking opportunities, industry interactions, and guest lectures by professionals to expose individuals to diverse career fields and expand their professional networks.
  • **Entrepreneurship Support:** It provides support and guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs, including information on starting and managing businesses, access to funding opportunities, and mentoring from successful entrepreneurs.
  • **Workshops and Seminars:** The CGC organizes workshops, seminars, and career fairs on topics such as career planning, personal branding, job search strategies, and workplace readiness skills.
  • **Alumni Engagement:** It engages alumni as mentors and resources for current students, facilitating alumni networking events and mentorship programs to leverage their expertise and experiences for career guidance purposes.

Overall, a Career Guidance Cell plays a crucial role in empowering individuals to make informed career decisions, develop relevant skills, and navigate the complexities of the ever-evolving job market effectively.

Career Guidance Committee Executives

1 Dr.M.Marimuthu Principal Chair Person
2 Mr.K.Dineshkumar Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Convenor
3 Mr.J.Kilinton Raja Assistant Professor, Agricultural Engineering Member
4 Mrs.E.Jones Merlin Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering Member
5 Mr.B.Saravanan Assistant Professor& Head, Mechanical Engineering Member
6 Mrs.S.Thilagavathi Assistant Professor, Bio-Medical Engineering Member
7 Ms.J.Jayashri Assistant Professor, Science and Humanities Member