Department of Computer Science and Engineering

The Department of Computer Science Engineering has been one of the best departments of the college. Established in 2012, it has been involved in making professional Computer engineers. The Vision of the Department is, to promote Research and Development in the frontier areas of Computer Science and Engineering and to provide necessary skill sets to enable the Students to Innovate and become Entrepreneurs. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering with its team of faculty members, offers program at the UG level B.E. Computer Science and Engineering (4 years).


  • To provide high quality education that results in high-paying jobs.
  • To train students in cutting edge research and innovation
  • To provide convergent research themes intersect and to enable the research in many other disciplines, and
  • To make alumni to actively engaged.


  • To lead the advancement of computer science, computer engineering, information technology, and cyber security through internationally recognized research and education, as well as technology transfer.
  • Educate students in the best practices of the field as well as integrate the latest research into the curriculum.
  • Foster the development of problem solving and communication skills as an integral component of the profession.
  • Problem Solving And Python Programming Laboratory
  • Programming In C Laboratory
  • Data Structure Laboratory
  • Object Oriented Programming Laboratory
  • Data Science Laboratory
  • Operating System Laboratory
  • Database Management System Laboratory
  • Big Data Analytics Laboratory
  • Network Security Lab
  • Neural Networks And Deep Learning Laboratory
  • Soft Computing Lab
  • Object Oriented Software Engineering Lab
  • Cloud Computing Lab
  • Algorithm Lab
  • Web Technology Lab
1 R.SIVABALAN M.E., (PhD) Assistant Professor & HOD 9944358663
2 M.SARAVANAN M.E., Assistant Professor
3 T.BHUVANESWARI M.E., Assistant Professor
4 C.SURYA B.Tech., M.E., Assistant Professor
5 S.NANDHINI M.E., (PhD) Assistant Professor
6 A.SUMATHI M.E., Assistant Professor
7 G.YOGALAKSHMI M.E., Assistant Professor
8 S.SIVARANJANI M.E., Assistant Professor
9 S.VIVEKANANDAN M.E., MBA., Assistant Professor
10 N.ELAKKIYA M.E., Assistant Professor
11 S.VENKATESH M.E., Assistant Professor
12 A.REETA JOLDRINE M.E., Assistant Professor

Mr.S.Senthilkumar (Hod)

Department of Computer Science Engineering,

Sri Ramakrishna Engineering college,