Sri Ramakrishna College of Engineering has established an anti-ragging committee in compliance with the 'UGC Regulation on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, 2009', aimed at addressing and preventing the issue of ragging.

The committee is entrusted with the duty of upholding the principles outlined in the UGC Regulation and any relevant laws pertaining to the eradication of ragging, as mandated by the Governments of India and/or the State of TamilNadu.


  • To proscribe, deter, and eradicate the blight of ragging, encompassing any behavior by students, whether verbal or written, or through actions that entail teasing, disrespecting, or handling freshers or other students with rudeness, as well as engaging in disorderly or undisciplined conduct.
  • To supervise, guide, and supervise the activities and effectiveness of the Anti-Ragging Squads in preventing and addressing ragging incidents within the institution.

Anti-Ragging Committee Executives

1 Dr.M.Marimuthu Principal Chairperson
2 Mr.V.Loganathan Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Convenor
3 Mr.N.Arunkumar Assistant Professor and Head, Agricultural Engineering Member
4 Mrs.C.Surya Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering Member
5 Mr.B.Saravanan Assistant Professor and Head, Mechanical Engineering Member
6 Mrs.K.Kalpana Assistant Professor, Bio-Medical Engineering Member
7 Mrs.K.Kalaimani Assistant Professor, Science and Humanities Member